Pedro  Ambrosoli – arts contributor

Pedro Ambrosoli - contributor
Artist since 2001, studying Architecture and Urbanism in the Federal Univesity of Rio de Janeiro, trying to express my opinions through visual arts, grown with criticism,I am not afraid to be bold in art. Working following my subconscious, I’ve got worlds inside my mind. Always looking for inspiration in the present and the past in order to create a different future

Kaippe Reis – cultural contributor

Kaippe - contributor
Kaippe Arnon Silva Reis, born in September 5, 1994 in the smallest state in Brazil. Likes: cycling even without a bike, washing dishes while listening to music and dancing but just locked in his room. Doesn’t like: Eating fish, arrange the room and insecurity of the future. Important fact about him: Cordel writer in his free time and has a blog that nobody visits, so he writes in Grandma Stole My Closet to have some kind of recognition even if it is tiny. Musical references: Móveis Coloniais de Acaju, Criolo, Zeca Baleiro, indie, alternative and Brazilian music. His favorites types of movie: Musical, Drama, Teen Movie, Romantic Comedy, animation and some classics. Favorite movies: Fight Club, City of God, 10 Things I Hate About You, Chicken Run, Closer, Never Let Me Go, American Beauty, Central Station, Black Swan and Amélie that just made a parody.

Natasha Pires – fashion contributor

Natasha - contributor
A fashion student who loves vintage, clouds, music, panda bears, fast food, rock n roll, cold, rings, html code, jelly beans, coke zero, ice flakes, New York and real people.I’m talkative and someone who don’t know how say no. I Think too much and sometimes I say things that should not be said. I read horoscope every night, dream overly and don’t sleep enough.

Mariseli – beauty contributor

Mariseli Rocha, 19 years old fashion student with pride. I was born in Uruguaiana in the early 90s, and soon went to Porto Alegre. Here I learned everything I know and made (I still make) many friends. Upon discovering social networks has changed my world, and I believe that many too. I draw on absolutely everything and use creativity available out there in my favor. For the site I will write especially about products that make us feel better. I am always available to criticism, hope you enjoy.

Flora Castro – literature contributor

I was born in a tiny town and lived in other small cities. Nowadays, I live in a big one , studing Communication Studies. And that is the only thing I would do in the world. Writing, creating content and getting ideas are things that make me happy and one day will pay my bills.I am in Digital Marketing Analyst and compulsive reader. I don’t know anything about fashion, but I think it’s super cool.I’m a frustrated musician and derby girl. I believe that if you want something just go get it, will be yours, but I know that this search will not be easy